OM Samaj Dental Hospital

Meet our Management Team

The team of directors, managers, doctors, and staff who lead the Om Samaj Dental Hospital and all of it's branches.

Dr. Subhash Ghimire


Meet Dr. Subhash Ghimire, a renowned Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in Nepal. With a remarkable journey in the Nepali oral health industry, Dr. Ghimire is driven by a vision shared by his late parents – to make Nepal a healthy living Nation.

Dr. Subhash Ghimire, a dedicated dental surgeon, has made significant contributions to the Nepali health industry. Through free checkup camps and initiatives to improve dental health, he has displayed unwavering commitment. 

With an impressive record of complex surgeries and the trust of thousands of patients, Dr. Ghimire is ready to provide his expertise for all your dental needs.

rameshawor jung k.c

vice president

Rameshawor Jung KC is a distinguished social activist and artist, serving as the Vice President of Om Samaj Dental Hospital. 

With a longstanding association with the organization, Rameshawor brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to our mission.

Dr.Sambha Ghimire


Dr. Ghimire is the esteemed Director and Senior Orthodontist of Om Samaj Dental Hospital. With a wealth of experience in orthodontics and being associated with the organization since its inception, Sambha Ghimire has been at the forefront of revolutionizing orthodontic treatment.

As a renowned orthodontist, Sambha specializes in diagnosing and treating dental irregularities, offering cutting-edge orthodontic solutions that result in beautiful, healthy smiles. 

Bijendra Lal

finance Incharge

With 6 years of dedicated service, Bijendra Lal has been an invaluable asset to Om Samaj Dental Hospital.

As our finance incharge, he brings exceptional accounting skills and expertise to our dental hospital.

sumina puri khadka

store Manager

Sumina Puri Khadka, is our accomplished Store Manager at Om Samaj Dental Hospital.

With 6 years of dedicated service to our dental hospital, Sumina brings a wealth of skill and expertise to her role.

Dr.kushal bimb

board member

Dr. Kushal Bimb, is a highly skilled oral maxillofacial surgeon at Om Samaj Dental Hospital.

With six years of dedicated service to our dental hospital, as an accomplished dental surgeon, Dr. Bimb possesses the knowledge and proficiency to handle a wide range of complex maxillofacial procedures.

With a deep commitment to patient care and a passion for excellence, he consistently delivers exceptional results.


board member

Dr. Surya Narayan Pun brings a wealth of skill and expertise as a prosthodontist specializing in advanced dental treatments that restore and enhance smiles for the last 6 years.

From dental implants and crowns to dentures and full-mouth reconstructions, Dr. Pun is dedicated to providing transformative dental solutions.

dr.ashwin shrestha

board member

Dr. Ashwin Shrestha, our skilled and experienced prosthodontist with 7 years of dedicated service to our hospital, brings unparalleled expertise in prosthetic dentistry.

Specializing in restorative and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Shrestha excels in creating beautiful and functional smiles.

From dental implants and crowns to dentures and veneers, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in prosthodontic dentistry.


board member

Shanta Aryaal, our exceptional patient manager. With extensive experience, she seamlessly manages our patients’ needs.

Her dedication to this dental hospital is long-standing, ensuring top-quality care.


board member

Meet Anjana Khadka, our skilled and experienced patient manager. 

With a long-standing tenure at our organization, she brings valuable expertise to ensure exceptional patient care.

rabina bhurtel

board member

Rabina Bhurtel, is a skilled dental assistant and patient manager.

With extensive experience and expertise, she has been an invaluable asset to our hospital for a significant period.

sanjib chhetri

branch manager (bardibas)

Our esteemed Branch Manager at Bardibas, Sanjib Chhetri, has an impressive track record and has been an invaluable asset to us for 3 years.



Our dedicated Public Relations Officer, Dhana Pd. Ghimire, has been an invaluable asset to our hospital for over 1 year. 

With his exceptional skills in managing relationships and enhancing our public image, Dhana ensures smooth communication and a positive reputation for our hospital.

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