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Delivering world-class dental care services to everyone in Nepal

Om Samaj Dental Hospital is miles ahead of its high-tech equipment, renowned surgeons, and exceptional facilities. Established as an ode to our chairman Dr. Subhash Ghimire’s Parents, the hospital is dedicated to delivering world-class dental care to the communities around Nepal. Driven to fulfill the oral health needs of every Nepali individual. A team of renowned surgeons led by Dr. Subash Ghimire himself to make a difference in Nepali dental health.

An Ode to my Late Parents

This hospital was established as an ode to my parents, who have been the biggest motivation and driving force behind who I am and what this hospital is today.
– Dr. Subash


Nepal's No. 1 Dental Hospital

Om Samaj Dental Hospital is the number 1 multi-speciality Dental Hospital of Nepal. Founded in 2064, Om Samaj Dental has been providing Oral Maxillofacial, Diagnosis, Radiology, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Endodontis and Conservative services, and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics services to patients from around the country. We have branches in Chabahil and Satungal, and in Bardibas. We use the latest, cutting-edge technology paired with experienced medical staff to treat any oral, ENT and facial issues. Om Samaj also pioneers in social service, with regular checkup and medical camps across various rural areas of the country to serve the disadvantaged population and to create awareness among individuals.

Dr. Subash

About Dr. Subash Ghimire


A renowned Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon of Nepal Dr. Subash Ghimire has a very long journey in the Nepali oral health industry. Driven to fulfill his and his late parents’ vision to make Nepal a healthy living nation, Dr. Subash Ghimire has been actively involved for the past few decades in the Nepali health industry. His continuous effort in bringing a change in the dental health scene and countless free checkup camps is being appreciated. Performed over 100s of complex surgeries and is trusted by 1000s, Dr. Subash is a true surgeon with a helping motive 


Dr. Subash Ghimire is always active to help you with your dental complexity.

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