OM Samaj Dental Hospital

Susmita Rai

Through one of my acquaintances, I learned about Om Samaj Dental Hospital, which proved to be one of my wiser choices. To be quite honest, I had an extremely horrible experience with a few other dental hospitals before coming here, which left me with a bad perception. But Om Samaj Dental Hospital has shown me that not all dental care is terrible. I greatly enjoyed my time here, and I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Subin Shrestha and Nurse Rabina Bhurtel in particular for their efforts. They are the friendliest, politest individuals. They are so sympathetic and supportive. As patients, we want our doctors and nurses to be sympathetic toward our issues without making us feel uneasy. And the personnel here is able to facilitate a warm and welcoming environment where people feel free to discuss their issues. If you have any dental problems, I cannot express how much I endorse Om Samaj Dental Hospital.