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Om Samaj Dental Hospital Successful Grand Opening in Bardibas

Om Samaj Dental Hospital Bardibas branch had a successful grand opening ceremony on Chaitra 11, 2079.

Chairman Dr. Subash Ghimire conducted the opening ceremony. In the role of a special guest, a dentist professor from India Dr. M. S. Raju was present. Likewise, the event was attended by notable celebrity, movie superstar Nikhil Upreti, and Nepal Airlines Captain Bijaya Lama.


The opening program saw Captain Lama and movie actor Upreti express their commitment to cooperate in making the services and facilities of the hospital accessible to the common people.

Furthermore, the ceremony began with a welcome speech by the hospital’s managing director, who expressed gratitude to everyone who witnessed the event. He mentioned that the hospital’s vision is to provide affordable and quality dental services to the people of Bardibas and its neighboring areas.

Dr. Subhash Ghimire

Additionally, several other remarkable personalities participated in the grand opening ceremony of Om Samaj Dental Hospital Bardibas branch, including Matron Ambika Shrestha, who has worked in the health department for 70 years, Member of Provincial Assembly Sharda Devi Thapa, and Bardibas Municipality Mayor Pralad Kumar Kshetry. These personalities, along with others who attended the event, added to the occasion’s significance.

Om Samaj Dental Hospital in Bardibas, located in the middle of Madhes, has added a pharmacy facility to their hospital. This addition is helpful to the residents of the area as they no longer have to travel far for oral treatments.


The hospital has also implemented merit savings and cooperative organizations to increase support in their operation. Dr. Subhash Kumar Ghimire, the owner of the hospital, promised that the profits from the cooperative would be used to treat the poor and helpless.

The event was a great success, not only in terms of attendance but also in terms of the impact it will have on a local community. Om Samaj Dental Hospital is not only committed to providing quality dental care to its patients, but also rewards its members for their loyalty.

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Once you become a member of the hospital, you will receive a lifetime of free dental checkups on all. Similarly, Om Samaj Dental Hospital is offering a limited-time discount on all dental treatments. Until Chaitra 30, patients can enjoy a 25% discount on all dental treatments at Bardibas branch.

To book an appointment and take a look at our wide range of treatment, you can visit our branches at Naikap, Chabahil, and Bardibas.

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