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A visit to the dentist should be as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Likewise, if the dental clinic and hospital are near you, it will be trouble-free in so many cases for you.

If you are near Chabahil, Naikap, and Bardibas you can visit the best dental hospital in Nepal Om Samaj Dental Hospital for your dental treatment.

Whether you need to schedule a general checkup or require more extensive dental work, we’ll address your concerns before treatment and answer all your questions in a relaxed, easygoing setting.

Best Dental Hospital and Clinic in Kathmandu

Dental clinics and dental hospitals offer the same basic services like performing oral health treatments and dental procedures. However, a dental hospital provides you with more advanced services in a more comfortable environment.

If you are searching for an affordable dental clinic and hospital near you then Om Samaj Dental Hospital is the correct place to visit for your dental checkups. Our hospital is always available for you with 24-hour emergency service as well as at Outpatient Department (OPD).

For a nominal one-time membership fee of NRs. 20-50, you can enjoy the benefits of regular dental care and potentially avoid costly and painful dental procedures in the future.

  • 01-4480880 – Chabahil, Kathmandu
  • 01-4312911 – Naikap, Kathmandu
  • 04-4550365 – Bardibas, Mahottari

Dental Treatment

Om Samaj Dental Hospital offers a substantial range of treatments. Our best dentists in Nepal provide everything from general check-ups like examining teeth, gum, and mouth to complex treatments such as oral surgery and dental implants.

Service Available at Om Samaj Dental Hospital

Medical Departments at Om Samaj Dental Hospital

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Diagnosis & Radiology Department

Our well-trained dental surgeons handle a wide variety of conditions and injuries that affect the mouth, jaw, and face. Likewise, our maxillofacial surgeons perform surgeries to correct problems such as:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Impacted wisdom teeth management and extractions
  • Lip and tongue-tie surgeries
  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Corrective jaw surgery, etc.
Orthodontics Department

Dentists at our orthodontics department will help you in managing abnormal positioning of the teeth, and provide necessary correction of dental malocclusions such as crowded teeth, open bites, deep bites, spacing, by using braces of your choices. Also, our dentists will help you improve your appearance, have a healthy functional bite, and prevent diseases of the teeth. Some of the examples for orthodontic appliances are:

  • Fixed braces – Ceramic braces, Metal braces
  • Removable braces – Aligners
Pedodontics Department

Om Samaj Dental Hospital has also a department specializing the dealing with the care of overall children’s oral health and hygiene. Pedodontist at our hospital is patience and has a basic knowledge of children’s behavior which will make your child feel comfortable during every visit. Likewise, some of the treatments provided by our pediatric dentists are:

  • Early analysis and treatment for straightening teeth
  • Repair of tooth cavities or defects
  • Care for dental injuries like fractured, displaced, knocked-out teeth, etc.
  • Management of gum diseases and conditions like mucoceles, ulcers, and pediatric periodontal disease

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Endodontics & Conservative Department

Endodontics and Conservative Department at our hospital treats teeth in order to get result in proper tooth form and its function. We do complex restorations, RCT, dental bonding, crownings, etc. Moreover, our department also deals with treating and replacing defects of teeth such as:

  • Decaying teeth
  • Malformed teeth
  • Discolored teeth
Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Department

For our patient who needs rehabilitation or specialized treatment, we have renowned and experienced Prosthodontists who are working full-time and part-time. The overall goal of our treatment is to improve the quality of life by using variety of techniques to replace missing teeth, restore jaw and bone deformities.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics also includes dental implants, dentures, and bone grafts which will help with reconstruction after complications of treatment, birth defect, and trauma. Moreover, prosthetics can restore the form and function for patients who has experienced:

  • Facial and dental trauma
  • Head and neck cancer treatments that altered their facial anatomy
  • Deformity of the face or mouth
Periodontics Department

Our Periodontist specialist deals with diseases and treatment of the supporting tissue of teeth such as gums and jawbone. To ensure quality treatment, we have full-time Periodontists experienced in complex surgeries like bone grafting and fixing mobile teeth. Moreover, Periodontist also provides advanced dental surgeries such as:

  • Soft tissue grafts
  • Bone grafts
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Flap surgery (pocket reduction surgery)
Treatment Using Dental Laser at Om Samaj Dental Hospital

Community Department/ Research & Development 

Om Samaj Dental Hospital has an active involvement in serving the community through regular health camps which provide free services to the needy people

Likewise, our hospital has a dedicated research and development department which ensure the timely investigation of how and why efforts to advance oral health through intervention are accepted by communities.

Modern Equipment

To ensure every patient’s high-class treatment, Om Samaj Dental Hospital is equipped with the very latest dental technology, wellness practices, and dental care practices. Some of the up-to-date dental equipment includes Dental OPG, Dental Laser, CBCT Scan, etc.

Friendly Atmosphere

Om Samaj Dental Hospital is proof of perfect professionalism where you can feel a warm, pleasant, and confident atmosphere. The whole hospital team will provide you with great dental care, and quality work is done with a sense of responsibility.

Qualified and Experienced Dentist

At Om Samaj Dental Hospital, you will find the right qualified, experienced dentist with excellent patient care. Likewise, our dentist will do the honor of putting your wishes first ensuring all the necessary comfort during the treatment. Visit the following link to know our dentists from each department individually.

The most important aspect Om Samaj Dental Hospital is that the department has enthusiastic, highly qualified, committed, and dedicated staff. The skill and clinical experience of the staff are parred high quality. Likewise, the main concern of each department is service contribution to the patients.

Branch Timing Information: Know When We’re Open at Each Location

Om Samaj Dental Hospital is a multi-branch dental hospital located in Nepal. We are pleased to inform you that our three branches in Chabahil, Kathmandu, Naikap, Kathmandu, and Bardibas, Mahottari are all operational and ready to serve you.

However, please note that each of our branches has different timings:

  • Gopi Krishna Marg, Chabahil branch – Sunday to Friday (9AM to 7PM) & Saturday (9AM to 5PM)
  • Chandragiri Municipality – 14, New Naikap, Kathmandu, Nepal – Sunday to Friday (8AM to 6PM) & Saturday (8AM to 5PM)
  • Bardibas, Gauridada, Nepal – Sunday to Friday (9AM to 6PM) & Saturday (9AM to 5PM)

We encourage you to take note of these timings when planning your visit to one of our branches. We look forward to serving you and your dental needs!

  • 01-4480880 – Chabahil, Kathmandu
  • 01-4312911 – Naikap, Kathmandu
  • 04-4550365 – Bardibas, Mahottari

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